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The Hourglass Pub is not just another downtown pub. Our relaxing urban atmosphere, and our courteous staff provide an awesome experience. With our vast selection of Beer, Wine, and Cocktails*; we also provide an amazing array of Coffee, out of this world selection of Hookah, and our amazing Time Warp Arcade which is sure to give you a blast from the past. Not to mention our weekly and monthly entertainment line up is sure to give you an awesome experience!! Click on one of the icons below to see what we have on the menu!!

Beer, Wine, and EVENTS!!








Time Warp Arcade









Beer, Wine, and Up Coming EVENTS!! 

Bottles and Cans


Beer Cocktails 

Name What's In It Price
Black and Tan Guiness and Ale $5
Black Velvet Guiness and Champagne $7
Black Hole Guiness and Chocolate Stout $6
Snake Bite (US) Guiness and Cider $5
Snake Bite (UK) Cider and Lager $5
Irish Car Bomb Guiness, Whiskey, and Irish Cream $8
Black Widow Chocolate Stout and Cherry Cider $6
Cherry Lemonade Cherry Cider and Lemon Shandy $5
Pale Bloody Mary IPA Bloody Mary Mix - No Mix $7
Sour Note Pale Ale, Sour, and Red Wine $6
Luxardo Monk Heffe, Pinapple, and Luxardo $7
Bay Street Guiness Guiness, Citrus, and Coffee $6
Citrus Sunrise Lemon Shandy, Rum, and Citrus $7
Boilermaker Shot Add whiskey to any beer $3
Trailer Park PBR and Cider $4


Hourglass Cocktails

Name What's In It Price
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Enough Said $7
Glow Worm Sour, Vodka, and Gummy Worms $7
Margarita on the Rocks Classic Style $7
Whiskey Sour Classic Style $5
The Elbow Iced Tea All of it in one glass $9
Bloody Mary Classic Style, Hand Crafted $6
Cuba Libre Rum, Cola, and Lime $5
Black Russian Vodka and Coffee Liqueur $6
White Russian Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, and Milk $5
Gimlet Gin and Lime $5
Mexican Coffee Coffee Liqueur and Coffee $5
Irish Coffee Irish Cream and Coffee $6
Caribbean Coffee Rum and Coffee $5

** All coktails are made with Premium Blends fermented liquors. 






Our Coffee Selection




Drip Coffee/Tea $2 $3
French Press $3 $4
Iced Coffee/Tea $3 $4
Cappuccino $4 $5
Cafe Cubano $4  
Crack in a Cup $5 $6
Cafe Latte $4 $5
Macchiato $4 $5
Espresso Shot $2  
Chai Latte $5 $6








Our Hookah Selection

All our hookahs are packed by hand. We use only coconut natural coals to ensure the most natural cleanest tasting hookah experience. We research all of our shisha ingredients to ensure that you're receiving the cleanest most natural smoking experience available. **Please check the bottom of our menu for our available filter flavors.

Nirvana Super Shisha w/ Dohka

$16 first pack - $8 Repack

Nirvana Super Shisha mixes the finest hookah flavors with the strongest Dohka Blends. Dhoka is an Arabic tobacco blend that causes a strong "buzz". Nirvana Super Shisha will give a super buzz and have an intense flavor for an out of this world hookah experience!

Ants in my head - Exotic Fruit Mix w/ White Grape

Bugly Fitch - Spiced Chai w/ Sweet Cream

Citrus O.D. - Citrus Fruits and Mints

Drunk Cowboys - They say "Extra Stout Mint"

Frog in a Blender - Spicy twist on Earl Grey Tea

It's About to Get Weird - Cold Mega Mint + a Dash of Fruit

It's Kinda Small Gabe - Sweet cream, cinnamon, and honey

Lematrix - Deliciously tart lemon

Not Now I'm Naked - Grape, Melon, and Mint

Raspberried Alive - Raspberries 100%

RedRum - Strawberry and Cherry

Schnozberries - Mixed Berry

Sex Monkey - Mint, Melon, and Mystery Flavor

Smokin' Dead - Mint, Peach, and Blueberry

Spaceman Bill - Sweet Fruit Cocktail Mix

Spirit + Mind = Soul - Melon Blend

Weapons Grade Mint - Mint, Xtreme Mint! Like Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

WTF Alice - Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla, and Mint


Al Fakher Shisha

$12 First Pack - $6 Repack

Al Fakher is a premium brand of flavored shisha molasses and is one of the most popular brands of hookah tobacco in the world.








Fumari Premium Shisha

$16 First Pack - $8 Repack

Fumari produces premium tobacco in small batches that are replenished daily to guarantee freshness. Smoke it fresh, every time. As it should be.

Ambrosia - Sweet Melon, Fruity, Creamy, Sweet marshmallow Delight

Blueberry Muffin - Blueberry with a Cake / Muffin Finish

Mint Chocolate Chill - Chocolate and Mint

Passion Fruit

Red Gummi Bear - Wild Cherry and Raspberry

Tuitti Fruitti - Mix of fruit flavors with a smooth candy-like taste


White Gummi Bear - Citrus and Pineapple


Hydro Herbal Shisha

$14 First Pack - $7 Repack

Hydro Herbal Shisha is a tobacco free, nicotine free alternative in hookah smoking. Hydro Herbal Molasses is made in the U.S.A. with the finest natural herbs and flavoring.

After Dark (Peppermint)

Apple Bottoms

Aurora (Pineapple)

Avalanche (Banana)

Black Widow (Black Cherry)

Blue Viper (Blueberry)

Electric X (Wild Berry)

Hydropurple (Grape)

King Louie G (Guava)

Platinum Honey (Honey)

Red Lightning (Strawberry)

Red Venom (Cherry)

Summer Hash

Tropical Storm (Mango)


**Filter Specials for All Hookah Blends

$2 Milk

$2 Soda

$3 Juice

$3 Coffee

$ Price - Wine or Beer










The Time Warp Arcade!!


Our Arcade games are rotated regularly; however, here is an example of the games you can typically find here at the Hourglass Pub!!

▲▲ ;-)

Original Nintendo!! - With a vast selection of all of the favorite games from back in the day!!

Sega Genesis and Saturn!! - Scorpion says "GET OVER HERE!!"

Nintendo Cube!! Because you know what to do!! 


Pinball and Stand Alone games!!


Big House

Street Fighter 2

Johnny Nero Action Hero


Mortal Kombat

Dragon Ball Z

Super Man

Spider Man

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ms. PacMan








Daily and Weekly Entertainment


If you haven't checked our "On The Daily" on the home page yet, we always have awesome things happening at the Hourglass Pub!! Check our Events Calendar below to get in touch with the happenings at the Hourglass!!



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